World’s first Organizational Resilience Index

Senior executives reveal how they feel about every aspect of their resilience in our Organizational Resilience Index 2017.

More than 1,250 senior leaders from organizations around the world, in multiple sectors, have rated their business on 16 core elements that should be considered as part of a resilience strategy. 

Organizational Resilience spider diagram

Relevant parts of the following collective best practice standards have been merged to create the 16 core elements:

  1. Organizational Resilience (BS 65000)
  2. Organizational Governance (BS 13500)
  3. Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  4. Supply Chain pre-qualification (PAS 7000)

The senior executive responses create the world’s first Organizational Resilience Index Report, which provides:

  • perceptions of organizations’ performance across the 16 elements
  • perceived importance of these 16 elements to the future success of their business
  • insight into how perceptions differ by sector, geography, size and longevity

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