On-demand eLearning

On-demand eLearning

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on-demand eLearning
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BSI on-demand eLearning courses

You can now learn with more flexibility than ever before thanks to our growing range of video learning, eLearning and micro-learning modules.

Our on-demand eLearning delivers the same high-quality content you’d expect from BSI, using a combination of video, online course materials and embedded assessment, enabling you to study at your own pace, in your own time.

Why choose BSI's on-demand eLearning courses?

  • Available on-demand 24/7
  • Complete flexibility and time-efficient
  • Measurable learning outcomes with in-built assessment
  • Up to 30 days access, so you can learn and embed over time
  • Interactive elements such as videos and self-assessmentst
  • High-quality content drawn from BSI expertises
  • Comparable quality to face-to-face classes
  • Suitable for all learning styles, job roles and seniority levels

Health and safety eLearning courses

Learn more about health and safety practices, including psychological health and safety with our on-demand eLearning courses.

Auditing Skills

Train with us and you can take pride in careful planning and be confident using checklists to ensure your audit is robust and effective. Whether it’s quality, environmental, energy, information security or health and safety – you can learn to audit management systems internally or as a consultant. 

Introduction to Management Systems eLearning course

This course will introduce learners to management systems and management system standards. 

Artificial intelligence

Our AI training courses are designed to equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to use best practice standards and navigate the complex landscape of AI regulation.