ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Awareness On-demand Training Course

Quality is defined as constant conformity to the expectation of the customers in an organization. Others define quality as excellence, absolute best, value, etc. When quality is defined in accordance with organizations, it is the organization that has to survey and classify how quality is defined and perceived by their customers so that they can work towards meeting these expectations. BSI has developed a short session that makes you aware of what quality is, why it is important, and how your organization manages it. It also considers how you are a vital piece of the puzzle and what you can do to help your organization.

This course content is part of the ISO 9001 Requirements On-demand Elearning.

On-demand - training that’s even more flexible

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How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Understand what is meant by quality
  • Appreciate why quality is important to your organization
  • Recognize some of the issues associated with quality
  • Identify how you can support your organization’s quality efforts