How to reduce business risk using standards

Reducing business risk using standards

Do you understand the potential threats to business continuity for your organization? Research shows that whilst there is growing appetite for organizations to identify threats, few are acting upon the intelligence/insight that they gather and developing robust plans to protect their business, manage risks and identify opportunities. So how can we help?

At BSI, we have the people, knowledge and tools to support you in mitigating risk, maintaining compliance and preparing your business for future opportunities. We work with our customers to understand their individual challenges and to provide a solution that aligns to the strategic needs of their business.  Whether that be to improve the quality of products and services, to increase the efficiency of processes, or to drive improvements through cultural change and behaviour across the organization.

Recognising the risks

82% of business continuity managers globally cite cyber-attacks as their number one perceived threat, with risks from their supply chains becoming a fast growing concern. But what does that mean for your business?

We can help you to:

  • Protect your reputation and increase customer confidence through a robust digital security and cyber risk prevention strategy
  • Analyse threats and potential risks across your supply chain – with total visibility and control
  • Reduce costs, share risk and improve operational delivery through collaborative, strategic relationships with partners and suppliers
  • Recover quickly from unavoidable incidents that impact your organizations ability to deliver to your customers
  • Attract and retain a high-calibre, skilled workforce by demonstrating your commitment to safety, quality and customer focus

Supporting your resilience strategy, we offer:

The difference BSI makes

  • 79% of BSI information security clients experienced faster recovery speeds after incidents
  • 83% of BSI business continuity clients reported enhanced reputation as the key benefit
  • 49% of BSI health and safety clients made costs savings (and 64% experienced fewer incidents)

Source: BSI Excellerator Research 2011 and Erasmus University study