BSI Kitemark Certification for face coverings

What are face coverings?

Face coverings have become increasingly part of our everyday lives. They are designed to cover the wearers nose and mouth and are intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the risk of the spread of infection.

It's important to note that face coverings are not PPE nor a medical device, therefore face coverings are not assessed to conform to PPE or medical device requirements. A PPE or medical mask must meet certain regulatory requirements and dependent on the level of protection, may need to be independently assessed by an approved notified body such as BSI.

What is the BSI Kitemark for face coverings?

BSI Kitemark for face coverings provides consumers with confidence that their face covering provides some level of protection for those around them.

This certification scheme has been developed for manufacturers of face coverings who wish to demonstrate that their products have been independently assessed to perform as intended. Originally based on an AFNOR specification this scheme is now transitioning to the BSI Flex 5555 specification.

Achieving a BSI Kitemark for a product is voluntary. It is a quality mark unique to BSI and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality, safety and trust.

What are the benefits of achieving BSI Kitemark certification?

  • Differentiation as it helps you stand out from the competition
  • Reduce risk by having products tested against a recognized specification
  • Gain consumer confidence by displaying the BSI Kitemark, a recognized Mark of Trust, on your products
  • Validation of your achievement with your listing on the BSI Kitemark directory
  • Independent assessment helps ensure consistency, performance and quality of a product