ISO 22301:2012 Implementation

When faced with unexpected disruptions, organizations with an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) based on ISO 22301 not only benefit from protecting their reputations and retaining customers, but they also enhance their status as competitors struggle to overcome similar challenges.

The starting point for success lies in implementing the BCMS. If this is done well, your organization will have an international best practice framework from which to build resilience and help it keep operating when unforeseen situations arise. You can also save time and money by doing things right first time. How sure are you of what to do, when, and how?

In this course, an expert instructor will use a step-by-step approach to guide you through the implementation process. The requirements of ISO 22301 will be tackled from an implementation perspective, and the areas that organizations traditionally find tricky focused upon.

Through practical exercises, group activities and class discussions, you will develop your BCMS implementation knowledge and skill. A take-home toolkit will also provide you with useful information that can be referenced during your organization’s implementation process.

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Who should attend ?

Anyone with responsibility for implementing a BCMS, including:

  • Information Security, IT and Operations Managers or Consultants
  • Existing management system practitioners who are new to implementing a BCMS
  • People interested in finding out more about implementing a BCMS

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Establish the scope of your BCMS
  • Create BCMS policy, objectives and processes
  • Adopt a step-by-step approach to implementation
  • Explain the purpose, structure and requirements of ISO 22301 as they relate to the implementation process
  • Develop a plan to implement a BCMS
  • Prepare for ISO 22301 certification (if applicable)


There are no formal prerequisites, but it would be beneficial if you have some knowledge of Business Continuity and a good understanding of your organization and its operations.

How will I benefit ?

  • Protect your organization from unexpected disruptions
  • Increase the confidence of customers in your organization
  • Increase your expertise of Business Continuity and ISO 22301
  • Be confident to implement a BCMS

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