Managing Local Government Process Reliability in using ISO 18091:2014

ISO 18091:2014 provides local governments with guidelines for achieving reliable results through the application of ISO 9001 on an integral basis. ISO 18091:2014 is applicable to all local governments, regardless of their type, size and product/service provided and has been written to support them to achieve enhanced process reliability for its citizens..

This two day BSI training course has been designed specifically for Local Governments to learn how to apply ISO 18091:2014 within their organizations to achieve enhanced service provision for its citizens and other stakeholders.

Our expert tutors will help you to understand how to identify and apply the elements of ISO 18091:2014 to enhance an ISO 9001 quality management system with the aim of effectively managing the reliability of service provision for citizens. Over two days, you will gain a full overview of how to achieve and maintain a standard of quality to improve process reliability.

Who should attend?

  • Local Government representatives charged with the responsibility to identify and enhance process reliability
  • Those who want to learn how to interpret the requirements of ISO 18091:2014 for their Local Government departments
  • Those involved in an ISO 9001 management system audit who are looking to improve the reliability of service provision

What will I learn?

  • Investigate the structure of ISO 18091:2014 and how its guidance links to ISO 9001within Local Government
  • Identify elements of ISO 18091:2014 to apply within your organisation
  • How to review current practices and introduce new initiatives to aid continual improvement
  • Advance your continuous professional development

What are the benefits?

This BSI training course has been designed specifically for Local Governments currently working with ISO 9001. The course is focused on Local Government processes and practices so working with our expert tutors, you will learn how to use ISO 18091:2014 to enhance service provision and citizen satisfaction.

What's included?

1 CPD point is gained for each hour of learning.

This course can only be delivered as in-house training.