Product Certification

Product Certification

Certifying products which have passed performance and quality assurance tests

Certifying products which have passed performance and quality assurance tests

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Product Certification

Product certification is the process of certifying that a product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests in order to meet the necessary local, national or international quality standards relevant to a particular market or product set.

For many manufacturers, importers and wholesalers, having the correct product certification can be critical to ensuring ongoing commercial success and maintaining competitive advantage. Some certification schemes are mandatory and subject to legal enforcement. Testing and certification in this circumstance can help you avoid financial risk, prosecution, harm to your reputation and claims for compensation and damages.

As a fully JAS-ANZ and UKAS Accredited Certification Body, BSI offers a full range of testing and certification services from research and development, pre-production, prototype, batch and audit to full compliance testing. BSI has one of the widest testing and certification capabilities in the world.

What's involved in product certification?

Gap Analysis - if you need our help at the outset, we can advise on any areas that may need attention

Pre-Assessment - if you wish to be reassured that you are ready for full assessment

Type testing - if you wish to test against the standard specification involving actual examination in tests and product performance where the results are reported

Technical support - offered during the certification process by some of the best trained and most competent staff available

Administrative support - dedicated team always available by email or telephone

Technical file storage facility - the dossier that contains all the evidence to substantiate your conformity claims such as certificates, reports, manufacturer's drawings. Even for lower categories of products BSI can still help create a technical file and issue a voluntary certificate.

Technical advice - on interpretation and requirements of standards and Directives

Project management - the team ensures that the product certification journey runs smoothly and efficiently

Product certification

The benefits of Product Certification

Reduced Risk
Assessed ability to produce safe, quality products that meet specifications and customer requirements every time.

Reduced Cost
Regular assessment ensuring process reliability to avoid product recalls, repair, remake, waste and costs of restitution due to deficient product performance.

Revenue Growth
Certified compliance with the standards set by specifiers, eases entry to new markets, and growth in existing markets.

Competitive Advantage
Products that customers believe are more reliable can command greater market share and higher profitability.Proven reliability further enhances your reputation.

Process Control and Improvement
An effective management system that ensures proper process management, training, communication and improvement.