Ensuring regulatory compliance of your medical devices requires an expert hand. Developed specifically to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers, BSI's Compliance Navigator provides you with an innovative and empowering solution.

The challenges medical device manufacturers face in today’s highly competitive marketplace make it essential that your product meets all regulatory and quality requirements before launch. It’s critical to work with a partner who understands the industry and has the depth of experience that matters.

Let Compliance Navigator do the hard work for you

  • Why monitor standards when you can monitor devices? Compliance Navigator enables your product to gather intelligence around its own regulatory profile as soon as it's set up; and setting it up is so simple
  • Search by categories, keywords and device applications.  Our state-of-the-art semantic search engine saves you valuable time and effort in discovering the information you need to gain and maintain conformity for your products – and also makes sure you don't miss anything
  • Create and save documents to a product profile, ensuring everyone is using and accessing the same information – giving you confidence that the right information is being used at the right time
  • View the full text of standards, regulations and guidance, and take advantage of links between documents within Compliance Navigator and external sources – reducing the risk of missing important compliance information
  • View when a document you are using enters a revision process, track its progress through to publication – reducing uncertainty and giving you advance warning so that you can plan accordingly
  • Identify if you are viewing the latest version of a document and track changes between versions to quickly assess the impact on your products – freeing up time spent identifying and assessing changes, and speeding up implementation

How do you currently ensure your products and processes are compliant?

If you’re like most medical device developers and manufacturers, the search for relevant compliance information can be laborious and costly. Regardless of how you find and manage critical information – whether through search engines, online catalogues, PDFs, spread sheets, shared drives, hard copies of standards or other bespoke services – discovering and assessing this information can be incredibly time consuming.

Compliance Navigator makes these tasks a thing of the past. Why not see the difference Compliance Navigator can make to workflow efficiency in your organization?