SQF Unannounced Audits

Compulsory SQF Unannounced Audits

Please be reminded, as per communications from SQFI, that effective from 1 July 2014, the SQF Code Edition 7.2 published a requirement for unannounced re-certification audits. This means that between now and 30 June 2017, your business will be subject to one of these unannounced audits. These audits are compulsory for all SQF certification clients. 

How To Prepare for an Unannounced Audit

Previously we have published “How to Prepare for an Audit” providing handy tips to ensure your audits run smoothly. Of course an announced audit is slightly harder to prepare for however the same principals apply. Like any audit it is imperative that the systems are reviewed in anticipation of the audit. In the case of the unannounced SQF audit you should ensure you have your review completed prior to the 60 day recertification window in the pre-determined unannounced audit year. Additionally, it is important that Senior Management of the business are fully aware of the requirement for unannounced audits and should be aware of the recertification window in the pre-determined unannounced audit year.

If you have any questions or would like to nominate your blackout period, please contact the food team on 0800 583 965 or email us at sales.nz@bsigroup.com.