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Latest insights for professional services

The world of business is constantly evolving and with it comes a set of ever-changing challenges for organizations. At BSI professional services we understand this and offer unique insight, knowledge and the know-how to help companies thrive.

We work extensively with accountants, consultants, architects, law firms, and other professions to help them deliver the most competitive services to their clients in addition to managing their own businesses.

Case Studies

  • Colm Fagan, Global Head of Information Security at Doosan

  • Tim Brennan, M&S Head of Logistics

Standards, training and ISO certification

BSI have been helping professional services organizations, large and small, manage risk and improve performance using standards for over 100 years.

Buy standards, learn through one of our training courses or work towards ISO certification with our expert teams.

  • ISO 9001 quality management can help you continually improve your working relationships with clients to streamline operations and reduce costs.
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  • ISO 45001 occupational health and safety can help show your employees and stakeholders that you put their wellbeing front and centre. Whether it's at your place of work or when visiting clients, you can prevent work-related injury and ill-health.
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  • ISO 27001 information security management can help you protect both your information assets and your client's sensitive data so that they remain safe and secure.
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  • ISO 14001 environmental management can help you become more sustainable and win more business.
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  • ISO 22301 business continuity can help you manage risk and continue to deliver to your clients through disruptions.
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Services and consulting

BSI can partner you to deliver for your clients. We have a range of services from international projects to cyber security expertise to help address common challenges you face.