Automotive glass testing

Vehicle Glass Testing

We provide a range of certification and testing services for a variety of products associated with roads and vehicles. 

Road vehicle safety glass (ECE Regulation 43)

Our comprehensive vehicle glass laboratory tests glazing products against the requirements of ECE regulation 43, including windscreens, other windows or as partitions in motor vehicles and trailers, includes tests. 

In order to meet these specific requirements we test for:

  • Head impact
  • Optical distortion
  • Secondary Image separation
  • Light transmission levels
  • Mechanical impact testing
  • Resistance to the environment
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals (Plastics only)
  • Flammability (Plastics only)
  • Accelerated weathering (Plastics only)

Glass product testing

Our modern test facilities offer assessment of these products to both British and European test methods.  We can also conduct off-site testing when appropriate.

CE marking for glass products 

As a Notified Body under the Construction Products Directive, BSI Product Services can offer testing and assessments to support CE marking requirements.