The allied health professions have a distinct, specialised body of knowledge and skills and actively work with people accessing health and disability services across a range of settings; working either independently, in private practice, or as part of the wider health team in public or private practice.

The Allied Health Services Sector Standard NZS 8171:2005 is the result of collaboration between allied health professionals and various stakeholders including the ACC ensuring consistency in safety and quality for the users of the allied health services.

Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Certification

With over 15 years’ experience in assessing the Allied Health Services Sector Standard, our physiotherapist trained auditors will provide you with confidence that your organization is operating in accordance with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Requirements to audit against NZS 8171:2005 Allied Health Services Sector Standards or the ACC Requirements for Physiotherapy and / or Hand Therapy Services.

With the introduction of ACC’s minimum scope, physiotherapy and hand therapy services have a choice between these and the comprehensive Allied Health standard.

Allied Health Standards scope: This consists of six standards:

  1.  Consumer Focused Service,
  2.  Organizational Management,
  3. Pre-entry to Services,
  4. Service Delivery,
  5. Managing Service Delivery and
  6.  Safe and Appropriate Environment.

ACC Requirements Scope: This consists of four standards:

  1. ACC supplier obligations to meet key regulatory and professional standards,
  2. Organizational quality and risk management
  3. Personnel and Human Resource Management and
  4. Information Management and Keeping Clinical Records.