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Food Fraud Prevention

Food fraud

Together with the usual cases of substitution in seafood, spices and herbs, through to diluted olive oil and honey, food fraud to optimize profit is here to stay. Increasing food prices and an ever more complex global food supply chain present an irresistible opportunity for fraudulent activity.


Unexpected or undeclared allergens and the misrepresentation of food continue to make news headlines and is the leading cause of food recalls globally. While the impact on brand reputation can be financially damaging, the impact on consumers sensitive to allergen contamination can be devastating. 

Business continuity

Business continuity is both a rising discipline and growing concern within the food and drink industry. BC Management (BCM) is still a relatively new concept for most organizations within the food industry with few companies having moved beyond reactive crisis management to a proactive or preventative approach.

Tips for your Food Safety Audit

Whether it’s next month or next quarter, you’ve probably already started thinking about your next food safety audit and what you can do to meet the associated KPIs established by your organization. This isn’t easy as most Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards are evolving; moving the ‘best practice’ expectation to even higher levels of due diligence, organizational commitment and engagement

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