What is the BSI HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria?

BSI has recently reviewed and updated its BSI HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria to align it with global industry changes and best practice as well as provide clarity to clients and auditors. This revised criteria, which can be applied to all sectors of the food industry, focuses not only on the food safety aspects covered by Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) but also the supporting prerequisite programs of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

What are the benefits of BSI HACCP & GMP certification criteria?

  • Implement internationally recognised food safety hazard controls
  • Demonstrate your commitment to food safety
  • Give producers, stakeholders and suppliers confidence in your controls
  • Effectively manage food safety risks across the whole supply chain
  • Continually review and improve your system so it stays effective 

How to get certified to the BSI HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria

To achieve certification to the BSI HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria the organization shall develop, document, implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System that meets the requirements of this criteria document.

Certification is specific for the product range, scope of operation and the site in which these products are handled.

Structure of Criteria

The HACCP & GMP Certification Criteria consists of four modules which can be applied in totality or in part to achieve different types of certification, HACCP & GMP, HACCP or GMP (refer to clause 4.5) of this criteria.

Levels of Certification

Two levels of certification are available through the successful application of this criteria, Essential and Excellence.

1. Essential
Organizations meeting the requirements of the criteria will be awarded either a HACCP & GMP, HACCP or GMP certificate depending on the modules/clauses selected.

2. Excellence
Organizations wishing to demonstrate best in class practice may opt to include the “Excellence” criteria in their assessment. Successful application of these additional criteria will result in an “Excellence in HACCP & GMP” or “Excellence in GMP” certificate being awarded.