BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Now in use around the world, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was developed by UK retailers and suppliers to consolidate a wide variety of food management standards to provide clear guidance and promote compliance for food businesses both large and small. Covering the basic activities that any organization would have in place for food production, this standard is built on seven key requirements including:

  • senior management commitment
  • food safety and quality management system
  • site standards
  • product control
  • process control
  • personnel
  • High-risk, high-care and ambient high-care production risk zones
  • Requirements for traded products

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety provides comprehensive, risk-based criteria addressing current and emerging global food safety issues. Key topics addressed include:

  • food safety culture
  • environmental monitoring
  • food security and defence
  • allergen management
  • labelling and packing controls

Fundamental requirements and intent for food safety are supported by prescriptive requirements where necessary to demonstrate due diligence.

Issue 8 is now available

The requirements of the standard are an evolution from previous issues with a continued emphasis on management commitment, a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)-based food safety programme and supporting quality management system.

During the development phase, the focus of attention included:

The focus of attention for this issue has been on:

  • Expansion of the requirements for environmental monitoring to reflect the increasing importance of this technique
  • Encouraging sites to further develop systems for security and food defence
  • Adding clarity to the requirements for high risk, high care and ambient high care production risk zones
  • Providing greater clarity for sites manufacturing pet food
  • Ensuring global applicability and GFSI benchmarking

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Why choose the BRC food safety standard?


  • Globally recognized and GFSI benchmarked
  • Recognized by retailers around the world, reducing the burden of multiple audits
  • Reduced product recalls, complaints and rejected products
  • Increases customer confidence, opening new market opportunities
  • Clearly defined risk-based requirements

It also includes the Global Markets programme, providing opportunities to encourage and recognize the development of food safety systems in small sites where the full requirements of the standard may add less value.

The BRC standard for food safety takes a common sense, risk-based approach, providing companies with a clear path towards achieving certification. Over 25,000 sites in more than 130 different countries have risen to the challenge.

Supported by customers
Many retailers, food service companies and major food manufacturers around the world support the use of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and accept it as part of their supplier approval process.

The Standard is HACCP-based and incorporates food safety management systems and internationally accepted best manufacturing practices to ensure product safety and quality.


Cost effective
Widely accepted certification reduces the need and expense of duplicate audits. Audits are completed by local BRC-trained and approved auditors to enable an internationally accepted standard to be audited at local rates.

The journey to certification

Whether you’re more concerned about meeting the requirements of your customers or protecting consumers, certifying to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety can drive meaningful change in your organization. From information to certification, no matter how far along you are, BSI can support your journey. Want to know more about the requirements of the standard, the steps to certification or how BSI is here to help?  

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Why BSI?

BSI believes the world should be supplied safe, high-quality food. We offer a broad range of food safety certification and risk management services.

We’re a leading food safety and certification provider with extensive auditing capacity and the capability to conduct integrated audits for a wide range of food safety standards across the entire food and beverage supply chain – including GFSI-recognized standards.

Our service solution for food safety includes certification, training, assessment and supply chain software, providing you and your customers assurance and enabling you to manage risk more effectively.