Welcoming the Gluten Free Certification Program

Words by Marc Barnes, 

Managing Director of BSI Group Australia and New Zealand.

Originally published in the Gluten-Free Certification Program Newsletter


Food and Agri-Food StandardsBSI Group recognizes that there has never been a more challenging time for the food/agri-food industry. Managing food safety risks, intense competition, rapidly changing consumer trends and pressure to reduce costs whilst increasing operating efficiencies are providing the industry with a number of competitive global challenges.

As a Royal Charter company, with 68 offices worldwide and with over 2,800 food/agri-food standards in our portfolio, we have the global reach and capability to help any organization, large or small make a difference not only to their business, but also to secure the sustainability of food production for future generations.

Understanding the demands of retailers, manufacturers, producers, food service institutions, logistics operations, exporters and standard owners globally, BSI delivers support to the industry and supply chain on issues including food safety, food scarcity, sustainability, land usage, energy management, water management, and corporate social responsibility.

BSI is proud to have recently included the Gluten Free Certification Program to our food sector offering to help assure the supply of safe, reliable gluten-free products to the global supply chain.

BSI auditors and trainers, achieving an average rating of 9.25/10 in the Global Client Satisfaction Survey, include some of the world’s leading food safety experts who can assist your business to perform to its potential. Discover how BSI can help your business make excellence a habit, today.