Notice of update for DEES Clients

BSI would like to advise you of an update from the Disability Services Standards (DSS) in accordance with the Disability Employment and Enterprise Services (DEES) Scheme to the new National Standards for Disability Services (2014) (NSDS)

The date of publication of this Scheme:  

31 January 2014 

Since the revision of this standard, all service providers that are currently certified to the DSS must immediately commence transition to the NSDS. 

The service provider may choose the following options for transition:

  • Continue to be audited to the DSS up until 31 December 2014, and demonstrate planning for the implementation of the new standards (NSDS) and discuss these plans with the BSI auditor
  • Service Providers that are scheduled for a surveillance audit and opt to be audited against the NSDS, may be audited against NSDS 1, 3, 4 and 6, and if found to comply, certified to the NSDS
  • From 1 January 2015, all DEES providers shall be audited to the NSDS

All DSS certifications shall expire or be withdrawn by no later than  1 January 2016.

Your Client Manager will discuss this change with you prior to your assessment.

Please refer to the JAS-ANZ Scheme requirements for the transition policy

For further queries please contact:

John Krnel
Sector Manager - Government, Health and Services
Phone: 02 8877 7100