Why get certified?

In essence, your commitment to achieving and maintaining certification clearly demonstrates the level of importance your organization places on the implementation of industry-respected best practices to all key stakeholder groups.   

Having a third party audit team assess your management system brings a fresh perspective to your management system and can be effectively used as a business improvement tool.   

It is possible to design and implement a Quality Management System yourself and avoid the rigours of formal certification. BSI's experience over the past 20 years, however, indicates that clients who choose to have their management systems independently audited experience both direct and indirect benefits which far outweigh the costs of the certification process.   

There are a vast number of reasons businesses seek to achieve certification. Many companies use management systems as a business tool to improve the performance of their organization's operations.   

Some businesses are required to have certification as part of their supply chain requirements. Others opt to achieve certification for the distinct market advantage it offers their business.