Identity and access management

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) gives organizations the ability to improve the end-user experience, while achieving the management control necessary to accelerate the secure adoption of cloud and mobile technologies. 

The result is greater employee and partner productivity, increased revenue, supply chain efficiency and improved compliance.

Okta Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our IAM partner Okta provides single, federated access to all your cloud applications, from anywhere.

Okta provides a flexible Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that covers all of your web applications; whether they are in the cloud or behind the firewall.

About Okta:

  • Connect all your apps in days, not months, with instant access to thousands of pre-built integrations - even add apps to the network yourself.
  • Integrates support authentication and provisioning, is easy to set up, constantly monitors and proactively repairs
  • Single sign-on to all your apps in the cloud or on premise, from any device - the Okta application network works behind the scenes so your users can always get into their apps