Vaultive logoThe Vaultive Cloud Data Protection Platform helps security-conscious organizations benefit from the cloud by encrypting data at every potential point of cloud exposure.

The Vaultive platform provides protection by encrypting data in transit, data at rest, and even data in use by the Exchange Online application in the cloud. This ensures data is never in a vulnerable clear text state, removing one of the most common barriers to cloud adoption.

Email users have the confidence that their inbox, attachments, and messages are encrypted per company policy. This is all achieved with zero impact to the end-user.

A complete cloud encryption solution

Vaultive allows you to harness all the benefits of cloud without the associated risks.

Cloud data protection

The Vaultive Cloud Data Protection Platform: 

  • Encrypts data before it leaves the trusted on-premises infrastructure
  • Gives you, the data owner or a trusted third party, sole custody of the encryption keys
  • Delivers a seamless experience to users


Vaultive helps security-conscious organizations unlock the benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS) by protecting data during all phases of the cloud lifecycle.

  • Encryption in transit
  • Encryption in use
  • Encryption at rest

Vaultive encrypted data can be searched and sorted. Server-side operations (such as search, sort, index, etc.) are performed on the encrypted data without ever decrypting the data.

Every single email in the inbox, outbox, sent and deleted folders is encrypted as well as message subjects, attachments, tasks, calendar items, invitation messages, folders and more.

Centralized administration

Vaultive provides you with a centralized administration point for topology and gateway setup, deployment process management, and encrypted mailbox management.

The centralized management system acts as a proxy across your entire environment from a single user-friendly  interface, ensuring central policies and administrator productivity are enforced.

Seamless network integration

The Vaultive platform can be deployed either as a virtual appliance or on a physical applianceto suit your preference. It can also be provided as a hosted service by one of Vaultive's authorized hosting partners.

Proven scalability

Vaultive Functions as a gateway that can be deployed on premise, at a trusted third party or within a dedicated VPN.Tthe appliance can be rolled-out on either virtual machines or dedicated physical devices. Providing enterprise-grade scalability, Vaultive can support thousands of concurrent users on a single machine.

High availability

The Vaultive Cloud Data Protection Platform is deployed by default in a high-availability mode that enables seamless and transparent failover and redundancy between Vaultive appliances. The platform’s high-availability, balanced distribution and global load-balancing capabilities are delivered natively, and do not require the use of third-party tools.


Vaultive at work

Seamlessly encrypt all Office 365 data

The Vaultive solution is scalable and built for enterprises looking to leverage Microsoft Office 365 across the whole organization. It provides policy-based control of Office 365 data without the security risks.

Vaultive is the only Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner to provide a customer controlled encryption solution across the entire message lifecycle, complimenting Microsoft’s encryption.

With Vaultive, you can benefit from all Office 365 has to offer without putting your data at risk.