eDiscovery delivery models

We recognize that everyones needs for eDiscovery are different so we offer a range of delivery models that you can select from. 

Managed service

Our managed eDiscovery service option is an end-to-end solution. We have the people and processes in place to deliver  an effective  eDiscovery solution . We become an extension of your team, leading with our expertise and supported by innovative technology. This enables us to develop bespoke eDiscovery strategies based on your individual needs.

Our managed service is scalable. We will match our resources to your demands, giving you more control over the process. Our managed service is operated from our ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres, so you can be ressaured  that your data is safe.

On–site service

Many eDiscovery cases  are sensitive and contain highly confidential documents that clients prefer to keep on site. Plus legal and regulatory obligations, such as data protection legislation or banking secrecy laws, may require data to remain under the control of the client. Our on-site eDiscovery option addresses these concerns. We deliver all the benefits of a managed service, but hosted on your site, or at another location nominated by you. Our team quickly mobilize to run an on-site eDiscovery function across Europe, ensuring you have access to a local resource with the necessary language skills, technical expertise, and experience to deal with multi-jurisdictional matters.

Enterprise solution

With many eDiscovery technology options, it can be a complex and time consuming task to find the right technology to address your needs. If you have decided to move eDiscovery in-house, finding and evaluating the most appropriate technology is essential. Our team of consultants can help you identify the best solution that best meets your needs. We partner with leading eDiscovery technology vendors to offer a number of options, ranging from building and deploying an end-to-end in-house eDiscovery capability, to developing a hybrid approach that incorporates an in-house capability with the choice to outsource if needed.