Digital forensics

At BSI, our digital forensic consultants have a wealth of experience in conducting forensic investigations across a wide variety of digital devices and data types.

Our experts are fully experienced and knowledgeable in the identification, acquisition, and preservation of a wide variety of digital data types and can provide advanced forensic analysis, data recovery and presentation of digital evidence. 

We enjoy long-standing relationships with both major organizations across different industry sectors and with leading law firms. Our team works closely with our clients to provide accurate and reliable results within required the time frame. We ensure that both data security and client confidentiality are maintained to the highest standards at all times.  

Computer and document forensics

At BSI, our digital forensic consultants are experienced in the forensic analysis of desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, email servers and file servers. We utilize the latest forensic tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness and speed of our investigations, whilst ensuring that all processes undertaken are forensically sound.

If it is not viable to remove computer equipment from your company, our team can perform remote or on-site forensic acquisition and data recovery of computers, laptops, and servers to minimize disruption to your business.

Our specialists are knowledgeable about operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. We can provide analysis of user activity including internet activity and USB device usage. We utilize timeline analysis to gain a clear understanding of the order of user activity.

Our team of experts, through the use of advanced forensic techniques, can help you search for files of interest, recover deleted files, gain access to password-protected files or uncover hidden information.

BSI’s digital forensic experts supply detailed forensic reports of our findings and can provide witness statements and expert testimony in court, according to client requirements.

IP and data theft

Research into intellectual property theft shows that almost 70% of employees have taken key information from their place of work. Frequently stolen data include e-mail address books, customer databases as well as proposals and presentations.

Employees often have far more access to information than is required and as a result, there is a temptation, particularly among outgoing employees, to take information with them. Data is found to be commonly extracted via the sending of emails.

Most companies now store most of their information electronically and as such, there is an urgent need to have the capability and expertise to identify when IP or data theft has occurred.

Our experts utilize forensic tools and techniques to help organizations identify if IP and data theft have occurred, the source of any theft and the location to which data has been transferred.

Data misuse and fraud investigation

We use the latest forensic tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness and speed of a sound investigation.

We quickly and thoroughly uncover vital pieces of evidence that was thought to be destroyed. Investigations of this nature are always sensitive and we understand the need for discretion and absolute confidentiality.

Detailed reports of our findings, accompanied by witness statements and expert testimony in court, are provided according to your requirements.

Data acquisitions

Our digital forensic experts utilise their vast knowledge and experience to collect and preserve data in a forensically sound manner, ensuring the integrity of electronic data is preserved. We follow best practice and combine with the use of industry-leading hardware and software to carry out our service.

Our consultants are fully competent to identify and acquire data that may reside on a variety of electronic devices, such as laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, mobile phones, external drives, cloud services, and other types of electronic media. Successful data acquisition allows for detailed forensic analysis to be conducted on the extracted data if required.

Mobile device analysis

Mobile phone technology progresses rapidly, which leads to mobile communication devices being constantly updated with new software and manufacturers to create new models at a swift pace. It is imperative that mobile forensic examiners have a high level of expertise in mobile devices and their operating systems to perform high-quality forensic examinations. Our consultants at BSI have extensive knowledge and experience in the acquisition and forensic analysis of a variety of mobile phones and other digital devices such as tablets.

We utilize a variety of industry-leading hardware and software to conduct our examinations and to perform advanced forensic analysis of communications, internet usage, document and media, timeline and application data and usage. BSI works closely with our clients and ensure that all forensic analysis undertaken is relevant to the needs of their investigation.