Attack Simulation Services

Our Attack Simulation methodology

We use a robust methodology aligned with Red Team and CREST STAR assessments but enhanced to include blue and purple team methodologies, which draws on common industry cyber kill chains.

The attack steps are intended to effectively mimic those of an advanced threat actor. Risk management is a key focus throughout the Attack Simulation engagement and enables realistic assessments, whilst minimizing risks to system availability and performance. 


CREST STAR framework

CREST Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR) is a framework that delivers controlled, bespoke, intelligence-led targeted cyber-attack assessments which replicate the behaviours of identified threat actors. Our CREST accredited STAR testing ensures that attack groups which pose a genuine threat to your organization’s critical assets are identified and realistically simulated. Threat intelligence ensures that credible threats to an organization are not only identified, but that their modus operandi are effectively simulated during the engagement.