End user security awareness-Insider threat series new modules added

Today's cybercriminals are relying less on automated attacks, and instead using tactics like social engineering to exploit the people inside companies. At the same time, many current or former employees may have access to a treasure trove of sensitive or valuable information, and could misuse that access for personal or professional gain.

Being aware of the threats originating inside an organization is more important than ever. Our end user security partner, Wombat Security Technologies has introduced a new Insider Threat series of interactive training modules that examines the potential for a company's own employees, either intentionally or unintentionally, to inflict damage.

This series contains three, 5-7 minute mini-modules: Insider Threat Overview, Malicious Insider Threat, and Unintentional Insider Threat.

Key features include:

  • Users will learn how to identify potential insider threats, including behaviors that can indicate threatening or malicious intent.
  • The Unintentional Insider Threat mini-module engages users through real-world examples of how employees can unintentionally inflict damage in everyday scenarios, and shows how to mitigate future threats with healthy computer habits.
  • In these modules we introduce a new training concept: branching. Branching is an interactive form of training that helps users practice decision making and critical thinking. Like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, these modules will present learners with real-world scenarios and ask them to make a decision, then allow users to explore the consequence of their choice in a no-risk environment.