Partnering with Jisc for Zscaler Web Filtering Solutions

BSI partner with JiscFollowing an extensive tender process, BSI was recently selected by Jisc to supply UK education and research organizations with web filtering and monitoring framework services using our award winning security platform Zscaler.

Web filtering provides you with the ability to monitor and then filter the web access within your environment. Filtering your web access offers layers of protection to an institution and can help protect your organization from web based threats. Monitoring access allows an organization to protect and prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites.

Web monitoring is highlighted under the UK Government’s ‘Prevent’ initiative. ‘Prevent’ is an initiative of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and highlights the responsibility on UK universities and colleges to have due regard to the need to prevent students from being drawn into terrorism and radicalized thinking. For this reason, it is very much in the spotlight.


The Zscaler solution sits between your university infrastructure and the internet, protecting your network from cyberthreats, stopping intellectual property leaks, and ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies.

Zscaler allows you to manage access to your website using a configurable list of blocked or permitted URLs and search terms. 

Zscaler filters can be tailored to match your exact needs and can filter in accordance with your local policy.

In addition to supplying the Zscaler solution, BSI can further assist with the following aspects:

  • Consultation and pre-planning - we facilitate the pre-planning discussion and explore all options for implementation
  • Policy consultation - we guide you through the process of developing your web filtering policies via a consultation
  • Configuration and Implemtation – our experts configure the entire Zscaler platform to your policy specifications and preferences. This involves configuring your PAC file as well as forwarding all your internet traffic through the Zscaler platform.
  • Reporting assistance – to ensure you get the benefit out of Zscaler, our experts will provide assistance and advice on which reports to run and how to utilize this data to benefit your security posture
  • Review - we conduct quarterly calls and updates to ensure you are getting the most out of the platform and also run an annual report on how the platform has benefited your organization helping you prove ROI
  • A wider range of services – BSI possess the information security expertise to deal with a wide range of information security and cloud computing issues. Our experts are on hand to not only assist you with getting the most from your cloud service but are available to assist with any information security issue you may encounter.