Standards provide a tool to help deliver many of governments’ public policy objectives. They offer a way to boost productivity and growth, facilitate trade, protect consumers, tackle climate change and enable digital transformation. Standards also provide a versatile and low-burden way of addressing policy agendas that can deliver results without costly and inefficient hard regulation. They form a vital part of the policy toolkit.

BSI is the UK’s National Standards Body. We operate in accordance with a memorandum of understanding with the UK Government and have a public function in support of the UK economy and society. We are responsible for developing and disseminating standards in the national interest and representing UK interests in international standardization.

We do this by bringing together and facilitating the development of “what good looks like”. Standards are already being used across government and across all sectors of the economy. Our work is not restricted to UK Government, BSI works collaboratively with governments across the globe, using our expertise to bring together stakeholders and solve complex national problems.



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