Gas and electrical appliances testing and certfication.

Gas and electrical appliances testing and certfication.

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Enhance the safety and saleability of your products with our world-class gas and electrical appliance testing.

With the number of product recalls rising year-on-year, can you afford your appliance to be withdrawn due to safety issues? Pulling products from the shelves isn't just about counting the financial cost; it can break brand confidence, causing catastrophic reputational damage.

Whether you manufacture portable camping heaters or commercial catering ovens, we understand the pressure to bring safer, more efficient appliances to market. Our comprehensive range of gas and electrical appliance testing and certification services - from BSI's direct testing, to CE marking and bespoke Kitemark™ certification - ensure you meet essential safety legislation, whilst offering unrivalled assurance to buyers.

We test all types of gas and electrical appliances, controls and components to British, European, and international performance standards, helping you reduce risk, raise customer satisfaction and increase market share.

Appliance-related testing and certification services

BSI has the tools to help you meet an array of regulatory requirements, including:

The BSI Kitemark™

Completely unique to us, BSI's Kitemark is a globally recognised symbol of quality and trust. Gas and electrical appliances that make the Kitemark grade are associated with high safety and quality standards and manufacturers often command a higher price as a result of certification.

CE Marking

If you want your gas or electrical appliance to display the CE Mark – the official sign of compliance to all European directives - we offer a comprehensive suite of testing and certification services so you can confidently display the CE symbol.

As a Notified Body appointed by the Government, we're able to certify for 17 EU Directives, including the Gas Appliance Directive, Boiler Efficiency Directive, EMC Directive, and Low Voltage Directive.

Find out more about Kitemark and CE Marking for appliances here: BSI Kitemark & CE Marking

Compliance with Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives

We conduct direct testing for the product lots covered by the EU's Ecodesign Directive whilst also ensuring compliance with the Energy Labelling Directive.

Direct Testing

As well as testing appliances to all published national and international standards, our experts can formulate bespoke type testing programmes aligned to your specific needs.

Type testing programmes offer several commercial advantages, including fast-tracking research and development and early identification and eradication of faults.

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