Standards and small businesses

How can standards help small businesses?

If you are a small business, you already know that you have to work harder to prove yourself against larger organisations. That is where our standards come in. Whether you want to monitor and improve product quality, harden up your IT system security, implement a complaints management system, vet potential employees, or give customers extra peace of mind, using our standards can help.

Implementing standards inspires confidence in your business and sets you apart from the competition. Crucially for your bottom line, it can also drive down costs, boost productivity, and improve profits.

Moreover, it can help retain existing customs and open doors to new markets. Indeed, some contracts and supply chains are only open to standards-compliant businesses. This is why adopting BSI standards can be a large step-up that allows you to compete with larger organisations.

Standards can:

  • Help you allocate resources more efficiently
  • Get your product to market quicker
  • Reduce your risks from IT failure
  • Help you compete effectively with larger organisations