Hear what our clients have to say about us: Client Testimonials – Training

Hear what our clients have to say about us:


BIM Training

"Thank you to BSI for organizing the Global BIM Manager Professional Training.
It offered broad knowledge and global insight to oversee the BIM process, which assisted me to get the CIC certification of BIM manager recently. The interactive atmosphere during training classes is remarkable and the speakers are excellent to deliver the training content clearly. "

Lawrence Chan (Global BIM Manager Professional Training)

"Thank you for providing us with excellent training. The course really boosted my knowledge and prepared me for my application for CIC BIM Coordinator accreditation. The small group discussions really enable us to examine topics from the perspective of other participants, and that interactions with the other participants and the instructors is widely accepted as the best way to learn. I am positive that the course will be the learner’s choice by many CIC BIM coordinator aspirants."

Peter Talag (Global BIM Coordinator Professional Training)

"Thank you very much to BSI and CIC for organizing this kind of course "BSI Global BIM Manager Professional Training. The course discussed the basic and the in-depth process of BIM and its application to the project. The group sharing and discussion let us know how other companies implement BIM and what are the common challenges the industry is facing. I'm very thankful to BSI and CIC and hope more professionals will learn how BIM can be implemented on a project."

Lemuel Lumbera  (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

 "Thanks a lot for the fruitful content & valuable advices provided in the captioned course."

William Chan (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

 "Thanks to your (Training) team, lecturers and other supporting staff."

Ms Wu (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

 "Thank you for bsi’s arrangement for conducting the training course and the presentation from Dr Tang and Ms De Cicco, for which I have enjoyed the training and enriched my knowledge from it.

In particular, the small group workshops facilitated stimulative and fruitful discussions, as well as experience sharing amongst participants from different sectors in the industry."

Mr Wong, CR Construction Company Limited (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

 "Overall the course content was good and thanks for your preparation. Instructors from isBIM are also good share their experience with us. It’s helpful. It would be good to have assignment for each class to get to more use to it to share the knowledge about BIM uses."

Mr Santhanam, Syntegrate Limited (Global BIM Coordinator Professional Training)

 "BSI has packaged a well-condensed course for the local industry to learn what Building Information Management should be doing to connect with the international standard and attitude.

The lectures were conducted with good balance of sharing between international & local insights with fair amount of supporting Information & case studies. It was also impressive that BSI invited a handful of guest experts to share their BIM insight in their short course. All these resources enable students to learn how to manage BIM efficiently. It's definitely a rare and high value one."

Mr Law, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

"Dr Tang is very experienced in the BIM implementation and he teaches valuable knowledge throughout the course."

Mr Li, CEDD (Global BIM Manager Professional Training)

"We refer to your Global BIM Manager Professional Training Course held on 2, 9, 16, 17 and 20 December 2019, and consider that the course is very useful in catching up the latest development of the construction industry. We strongly recommend this course to other practitioners of the industry."

Mr Cheung, Fartek (Construction) Consultants Ltd. (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

"Dr Tang is very experienced in the BIM implementation and he teaches valuable knowledge throughout the course."

Mr Li, CEDD (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

"Dr Tang is an excellent trainer. Group activities are very useful."

Mr Koo, CEDD (Global BIM Manager Professional Training) 

"I am writing to express my sincere thank you for organizing the course {Global BIM Manager Professional Training}, which I found very informative and inspiring to my career.

The course was well structured by your team, and delivered by a very competent professor Dr Tang, who clearly defined the BSI and ISO Standard in a clever and interesting interpretation.

I highly appreciate Dr. Tang's effort in his arrangements to explain this high complex subject in a series of simple and comprehensive lectures and PPT, and the kind thought to document as a notebook given to us, which I found it extremely useful for my understanding as well as future reference.

Upon completion of this course, I have enhanced my knowledge in this BIM Management/ Model and is considering to further develop my profession towards this direction.

Besides the knowledge acquired from this course, I would like to thank you again for organizing this course, which has given me a valuable opportunity to meet with my classmates, who share this common interest, As the first group in this field in HK, this resource is beneficial and fruitful to me as well as all of us in this class in future.

In fact, I may establish a CDE with some of the classmates sooner or later.
I really enjoy the class. Wish you and your esteem company every success in future."

Mr Tam, AGUAR CONCEPT (Global BIM Manager Professional Training)