BSI operates the IECQ (international) and BS 9000 (national) third-party system to certify electronic components that have had their quality assessed, in addition to the quality management system of the company. Therefore, an IECQ and/or BS 9000 certified vendor offers a significantly higher level of independent assurance than any first or second party approval scheme. Building on the foundation of a quality management system to ISO 9001, these schemes focus on assessing the quality of the product through a selection of approvals for product quality assurance.

For the manufacturer of electronic components having gained organisation approval (where appropriate), products can gain assessed status through Capability Approval, or as an Approved Component supplier to electronic component industry standards.   Manufacturers can also gain assessed status for an Approved Process where a recognised standard for the process is extant.

Original Equipment and Contract Equipment manufacturers to the aviation industry may gain approval for Electronic Component Management Plans (ECMP). Distributors in the electronic industry may gain approval for the stockholding of approved components from IECQ and BS 9000 manufacturers, whilst testing facilities within the component industry may attain approval as an IECQ and BS 9000 independent Test Laboratory.

The schemes carry a UKAS-accredited certification mark at both organisation and product levels (Avionics and HSPM and Test Laboratories do not hold UKAS accreditation). IECQ and BS 9000 approved companies may apply the scheme marks to products and literature as appropriate. The marks are well recognised throughout the industry as a highly coveted assurance of product quality.

For the end user of electronic components, the IECQ and BS 9000 certification schemes provide a vital source of components of assessed quality. Specifiers all over the world know that a component with IECQ or BS 9000 release means that they have been manufactured to proven standards. They also have the security that BSI, a global leader in assessment and certification, has independently assessed the supplier in that particular technology.


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