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Secure Digital Applications Kitemark Certification

When you need to build trust and give reassurance that your platform is secure, choose Kitemark certification.

What is Kitemark certification for Secure Digital Applications?

Apps have transformed almost every aspect of our lives. Yet despite the increased adoption, public trust remains low. Brand owners and app developers alike are looking for a way to build trust and demonstrate their commitment to digital safety and security

Kitemark certification for Secure Digital Applications can help organizations to do this.

BSI Kitemark certification independently tests websites or apps to make sure they have the security controls in place for the information they are handling. 

It requires a website or app to undergo rigorous and independent testing. Producers of websites or apps from banking to entertainment can reassure their customers by showing they are certified.

What are the benefits of Kitemark certification for Secure Digital Applications?

Certification can deliver benefits to both consumers and to brand owners or app developers.

  • Benefits for consumers: It gives consumers confidence to easily identify apps or websites that they can trust with their personal or financial details.
  • Benefits for brand owners or app developers: Businesses can reassure their customers that the security of their information is of critical importance and will be handled responsibly and securely

It could help organizations differentiate their online presence or mobile apps

Our rigorous testing could help identify areas where security needs to be improved

BSI Kitemark certification is a symbol of trust


How much is Kitemark certification for Secure Digital Applications?

The price of certification depends on the number of apps you have and the level of risk. Contact us to find out more.

About Kitemark Certification

 The BSI Kitemark provides an independent third party endorsement that a service consistently meets the requirements of the appropriate standards.