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"VerifEye is the leading trust program today that gives unprecedented transparency to customers when they seek a supplier or perform supplier evaluations. With verified photos, supplier information and status of existing certifications all summarized in the supplier's VerifEye profile, it saves immense effort both for the potential customer and supplier during due diligence. From our first-hand experience, BSI VerifEye is the one of the best indicators that a supplier is willing to go lengths to ensure things are done right."

Ronald Tse , Founder of Ribose

"Working with British Standards Institution (BSI) is an outstanding experience. Their dedication towards preparing and achieving the certification as well as guided our management and staff towards meeting the requirements of the standards are evident in all aspects. BSI is always willing to help and provide backup service when required. We appreciate their great work.  

During the time we were working with the BSI team, we found them to be very professional. The services provided by BSI have exceeded our expectations by helping us create a new competitive edge and bringing integrity for Testing and Certification Industry. "

CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories

"In order to continuously development, to create and honor commitment, company actively introduces ISO 9001:2015 QMS system and establishes enterprise philosophy to all valued customer.

BSI technical expertise and unique conducting abilities helped improve knowledge of our employees regarding quality control and quality management system. This will certainly improve their skillful activities across different levels of work and ensure the key performance indicator to be at the higher state through quality workplace."

Hanberg Limited

"BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit, enabling others to perform better. For outstanding support during ISO 9001 implementation in our company and initiation of fit-of-purpose auditing.

After receiving BSI’ certification and affirmation, we express our deepest of gratitude for making us realized the importance of quality control for both ourselves and the company and thus bringing the confidence of taking the company standards to the next level.

We strongly recommend BSI to any organizations who are trying to achieve certification to the management system and looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with BSI."

Pioneer Dynamic Ltd