How to get certified

At BSI, we deal in total solutions. We do not just test you on standards – we develop the standards, together with independent experts. We know the standards inside out, and we know how to transfer our knowledge to your people.

Hence, whatever you need to get your organisation certified – and keep you certified – we can provide it. 

What is the certification process?

  1. Get in touch – tell us what you need, and the standard you are aiming for.
  2. Proposal – we will give you a proposal detailing the costs and time involved in a formal assessment.
  3. Meet your assessment team we will assign you a dedicated Client Manager.
  4. Training – we can provide workshops, seminars or training courses to bring your people up to certification level.
  5. Pre-assessment – optional pre-assessment identifies any omissions or weaknesses that need resolving.
  6. Assessment – this comprises a number of stages, depending on the chosen standard.
  7. Certification – we will issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of your certification.
  8. Compliance – your client manager will carry out ongoing assessments to support your continual improvement activities.
  9. Understand the status of your certification – how we grant, refuse, suspend, withdraw or reduce the scope of certification