BSI VerifEye™ Directory, enabling supply chain visibility

How well do you know your suppliers?

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex with many hidden risks that can damage your reputation. Brands and retailers can have multiple tiers of suppliers including hundreds or thousands of suppliers across many different countries. Having this many suppliers makes it extremely difficult to know if your suppliers’ products, processes and behaviours meet your requirements including environmental risk, working conditions, security and quality. 

BSI VerifEye Directory was developed to provide visibility and traceability, protect your reputation and mitigate risk. Developed in response to industry demand, the BSI VerifEye directory contains thousands of profiles providing detailed information that has been independently verified—onsite—by BSI auditors.

With over 30 sources of information, every BSI VerifEye profile provides greater reassurance of a company’s capabilities, credentials, products and process compliance in line with best practice supplier pre-qualification guidelines PAS 7000 Supply chain Risk Assessment.

Getting your profile on the VerifEye™ directory

 The BSI VerifEye™ directory is a platform for certified BSI clients to showcase their company credentials globally to win more business. If you’re a supplier/manufacturer, help reassure your clients by providing your key verified information from a trusted source.

The BSI VeriEye™ directory was developed to support the adoption of PAS 7000 Supply Chain Risk Management 

There are two types of profile, a basic profile and a Verified profile:

Basic Profile Every client certified with BSI gets a basic profile
Verified Profile Comprises 28 sources of information derived from PAS 7000 Organization profile and capabilities modules including: site photographs verified by a BSI Auditor, other system and product certifications, site information such as size of warehouse or storage facilities, years of operation, key export markets, output/manufacturing capacity and a map confirming the location

Benefits of being listed on the BSI VerifEye™ directory

For suppliers

  • Inspire trust – Demonstrate to buyers that your business, profile is real and verified
  • Competitive advantage – Promote your products and services globally and provide faster due diligence, qualification and preferred supply status
  • Cost and time savings –  Leverage your existing certifications and business credentials to reduce the need for supplier pre-qualification audits
  • Increase brand affinity – associating your brand with BSI, our Royal Charter and status as the world’s first national standards body helps grow the trust customers, existing and potential, have in your brand

For buyers and specifiers

  • Increased transparency –  access to full visibility of a supplier’s profile, premises and certifications
  • Brand protection and risk mitigation – ensure you’re dealing with validated suppliers
  • Cost and time savings – reduce supplier on-boarding costs and reward suppliers listed suppliers for being transparent and adopting best-in-class certifications
  • Supplier profile management – have the peace of mind associated with having full traceability of your living supplier profiles and their suppliers too,  growing your Supply Chain Resilience

Know who your real suppliers are, where they are and protect your brand.