Certification to ISO/TS 16949

Demonstrate that you manage and deliver quality every day. Get certified to ISO/TS 16949 quality management and you will open up global business opportunities. The standard is a business requirement for international trade, which wins you the recognition you need to grow, compete, and succeed.

How to get certified to ISO/TS 16949

We make the certification process simple. After we have received your application, we appoint a client manager who will guide you and your business through the following steps.

  1. Gap analysis 
    This is an optional pre-assessment service where we take a closer look at your existing quality management and compare it with ISO/TS 16949 requirements. This helps identity areas that need more work before we carry out a formal assessment, saving you time and money.
  2. Formal assessment 
    This happens in two stages. First, we review your organisation's preparedness for assessment by checking if the necessary ISO/TS 16949 procedures and controls have been developed. We will share the details of our findings with you so that you can close the gaps we find. If all the requirements are in place, we will then assess the implementation of the procedures and controls within your organisation to make sure that they are working effectively as required for certification.
  3. Certification and beyond 
    When you have passed the formal assessment, you will receive an ISO/TS 16949 certificate, which is valid for three years. Your client manager will stay in touch during this time, paying you regular visits to make sure your system does not just remain compliant, but that it continually improves. 

Why choose BSI?

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we are the market leader. We help over 65,000 organisations to stand out from their competitors, ranging from top global brands to ambitious SMEs in 150 countries. As one of the few organisations with a thorough understanding of standards, we do not only assess how well you meet the standards, but also create new standards and offer global training to your teams in using them to enhance performance. Our knowledge can transform your organisation.