Toolkits for ISO 9001

Highlight the key products and gain value from our tailored kits; ensure that you get the best that ISO 9001 has to offer.

What are they?

A way to give you all the quality certification help and guidance you need in one place. We developed the new range of toolkits using key products within the ISO 9001 portfolio, to help customers considering implementing ISO 9001 into their organisation.

Making decisions about quality management is a large but important commitment. That is why our new range of toolkits let you select a number of specific products without having to purchase each one separately. Plus, it is an easy way to group all the tools you need together and support you wherever you are on the journey towards certification.

Our ISO 9001 toolkits bring together assessment services, standards and publications, training and an online tool. These are tailored to your organisation to help your quality management systems, knowledge and competency through training and experience, increased productivity and performance.

Toolkits and pricing

BSI has created five different toolkits designed for all levels - whether you are new to ISO 9001, gathering information or ready to work towards certification with us. We have the solution you need.

We deliver a simple solution by packaging assessment, certification, standards, training and online tools to:

  • Drive quality, performance and Speed-to-market
  • Assist customers in driving down costs
  • Deliver continuous improvement
  • Manage risk
  • Enhance organisational competency
  • Protect your brand by improving access to information

Pack Items and descriptions

  • Information Pack
    A collection of supporting documents to help understand the benefits and practices of ISO 9001. These include a product guide, self-assessment checklist, project planning aid and business case checklist.

  • ISO 9001: 2015
    A copy of the standard outlining requirements to help make sure you meet them.

  • Understanding ISO 9001 and process based management systems
    A publication that explains the standard in business terms to help you adapt it to your organisation, deliver you objectives, and meet the requirements.

  • Introductory training course place (valid for 12 months)
    You will receive a voucher for the listed price of an Introduction course. Choose from a variety of  times and book with your sales representative.

  • Healthcheck (valid for 12 months)
    This identifies gaps between your current management systems and the requirements of ISO 9001 - and helps you outline the steps you need to take towards accreditation. Please book with your sales representative.

  • BSI ISO 9001 self-assessment and project planning tool (valid for 12 months)
    This helps you set up your system, track progress and define responsibilities. It includes a copy of the standard.