Our members

There are many ways to get involved with our work around standards. You can join our global community and work with us to set and raise standards. You can also sign up to benefit from using these standards at discounted prices. That is because we have committee members and Subscribing members – and both are incredibly valuable to our business. Here is why. 

Committee members

We work with 9,000 committee members whose expertise helps us to shape best practice codes and standards – now and for the future.

These experts are leaders in their chosen field. They are committed to delivering the best in standards and promoting the UK voice across the international and European standards communities.

Our committee members provide the link between stakeholder interests and our work. This means that they play a vitally important role in allowing us to provide you with robust standards and the best possible services as a standards body.

There are currently more than 1,000 committees whose members meet throughout the year. Committee members work on a voluntary basis and provide feedback on the relevance of standards within the marketplace. By sharing this on-the-ground knowledge, our committee members allow us to deliver exactly the standards you need. 

This support is two-way: each committee member receives free training on the way standards process and bodies operate. They can also network extensively with like-minded individuals.

Do you want to lead and influence industry discussion on standards? If so, find out how to become a committee member.