Executive Committees

Group Executive and Operational Executive Committee

These Committees are responsible for the implementation of agreed strategy and the da- to-day operations of BSI. The Committees are chaired by the Chief Executive.

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Banking and General Purposes Committee

The Committee has oversight of the Group's banking relationships and general treasury management.  The Committee comprises the Chief Executive, who is Committee chairman, and the Finance Director. The Committee's meetings are attended by key members of the Group's treasury and finance functions.

NSB Code of Conduct Oversight Committee

The Committee acts as a high-level governance body to determine issues arising from the Code of Conduct, and to manage the implementation of the co-operation activities between the NSB and non-NSB activities of BSI.

Certification Body Impartiality Committee (CBIC)

International standards accreditation rules require BSI to have impartiality committees, which include non-BSI personnel, to oversee the Group's compliance with the obligations set out in those rules.

Certification Body Management Committee (CBMC)

BSI contains a Certification Body (CB) which certifies systems and products for clients. The CB holds accreditations from various accreditation bodies for those activities. The CBMC is responsible for the management of the CB.