BSI - Who are we?

BSI, the business standards company, has recently moved its Asia Pacific headquarters from Singapore to Hong Kong and has a number of growth strategies, one being Supply Chain Compliance leveraging its American, Europe and Asia Pacific client base, sophisticated risk based supplier verification platform and global network.

BSI is a Royal Charter company, founded in 1901, that works with organizations across the world from globally recognized brands to small, local companies. For over a hundred years our experts have helped people and products operate more efficiently, manage risk more effectively and achieve sustainable growth. As the UK’s National Standards Body and founding member of ISO, BSI leads the way in shaping standards that can help keep businesses relevant and ahead of emerging issues. We wrote the majority of the world’s most recognised standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

BSI continues to develop numerous Industry standards for corporate governance, supply chain risk, business continuity management, information security, cloud computing, data protection and anti-bribery to help address today’s business challenges ensuring organizations better manage their corporate reputation.

As the leading global business standards company BSI helps over 80,000 clients in 172 countries' worldwide to improve their businesses by embedding the habits of excellence so that they can:

  • Perform better
  • Reduce risk
  • Grow sustainably

Since 1901, BSI has been helping organizations improve, capturing best practice and shaping the standards of excellence in product specification, business processes and in business potential. Today we have over 30,000 standards within our portfolio which have been adopted by over a million organizations all over the world.

Small and medium sized businesses to
FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and Nikkei organizations, have found adopting BSI's products and services can be the backbone to creating a more successful business.

BSI works with clients in all fields – ranging from some of the best-known global brands to government organizations, charities and SMEs. BSI’s clients want to work with someone who understands the challenges their business is facing and has the skill to recognize where excellence can be achieved.

Our People - We support our clients with a global team of 3,300 professionals' and 10,000+ technical experts in the creation of global standards and assessment of special products, processes and systems:

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