BSI joins forces with gas certification body to provide extended testing offering to customers

Press release - 22 March 2010

BSI today announces the acquisition of leading gas certification body GLCS. Previously the UK equipment testing business unit of British Gas, and most recently GL Noble Denton UK (formerly trading under “Advantica”), GLCS is the leading certifier of gas related consumer equipment in the UK, is one of the top three in Europe and has a strong international reputation in Asia Pacific.

With increasing concerns over climate change and consumer safety, there is a rising public demand for more efficient and safe gas and other energy appliances. There is a clear need to satisfy that demand with an independent and professional testing service. BSI already leads the way in developing new standards for energy efficiency and management, and in testing products against those standards. This acquisition is a clear demonstration of BSI’s strategy of focussing on high value, niche sectors with good growth potential, particularly in the sustainability and energy management sectors.

Howard Kerr, BSI’s Chief Executive explains: “The market for gas and related equipment testing is an established and growing one. GLCS offers a unique opportunity to elevate BSI’s position within the area of gas consumer product testing. Acquiring GLCS means we are able to manage and support a targeted programme to grow revenue, increase operational efficiencies and provide a wider offering of dedicated certification services to our global customer base. Expanding in this sector through acquisition will undoubtedly enhance BSI’s presence in a key niche field with existing renowned expertise. We welcome GLCS’s employees and customers to BSI and look forward to building on, and enhancing, our relationships with them both in the future“.

Graham McKay, General Manager at GLCS who will be joining BSI along with his team, said: “Our market proposition has always been centred on being able to offer a trusted and comprehensive testing capability to our customers. System integrity is paramount. The heritage and ongoing trust associated with the BSI and Kitemark® brands will provide GLCS with improved recognition and further credibility as a renowned centre of excellence in the energy testing field.”

BSI is confident that the acquisition will not only strengthen its Testing Services certification business but has a clear strategic fit with the energy management activities being cultivated across a number of product and system certification areas within BSI Group.

About GLCS
GLCS, part of GL Industrial Services UK Ltd, is the leading UK certifier of gas related consumer equipment in the UK and is one of the top three in Europe. GLCS was previously the UK equipment testing business unit of British Gas and most recently GL Noble Denton UK (formerly trading under “Advantica”). It has a strong reputation in the business, which extends beyond the UK borders into markets including the US, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Australia. Today the GLCS business has 300 national and international clients, and 22 qualified staff, operating out of two UKAS accredited laboratories in Loughborough. It also operates a UKAS accredited Inspection Body for shared flue inspections.

GLCS holds Notified Body status for CPD: Construction Products Directive; GAD: Gas Appliance Directive; and BED: Boiler Efficiency Directive. It is also a UKAS accredited certification body for construction products; control and safety devices for gas use; household and similar electrical appliances; and safety related electronic control systems.

Although UK-based it has gained an international reputation, and is an accepted laboratory for leading national equipment testing authorities in:

  • USA and Canada
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Hong Kong and China