Kitemark is your advantage - now more than ever...

With the economic downturn starting to bite, now is the time to shout about your achievement and use the Kitemark to promote your company, product or service to your new and existing customers. Whether you are a large or a small company this is what you can do to shout about your Kitemark status.

Use the Kitemark logos everywhere

The Kitemark logos are provided on the CD in your marketing toolkit. Use them on every piece of marketing, sales and company literature you have. You can even put it on your invoices so that your customers feel reassured that they are paying for a quality product or service. Consider using the Kitemark logo in these places:

  • Website
  • Company brochure or leaflet
  • Customer literature
  • Product packaging
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Invoices
  • Company headed paper
  • In reception areas
  • In staff areas
  • Company vehicles, buildings and flags
  • Staff work wear or uniforms

Your nearest printer will help you design some material or amend artwork provided by BSI Product Services. Alternatively, if you want to insert the logo into word documents or PowerPoint presentations you can simply open your file and click “insert” then “picture” then “from file” then search for the image you want from your CD drive.

If you have other ideas and want some guidance then contact our Customer Service team who will answer your queries email us or call 08450 765600

Display the Kitemark®

Display the Kitemark® where your customers can see it - but this is not all you have to do. You need to display your Kitemark everywhere so that your existing and potential new customers will see it. The CD enclosed contains a poster that you can take to your local printer. They can print as many copies as you want which you can then display in your reception, workshops and staff offices so that everyone knows about your Kitemark achievement.

Get the news out - through your local and trade press

Why not have a Kitemark presentation from a BSI representative? You can take photographs, write or arrange a press release or even invite the local press to the presentation. This will certainly get you good coverage in your local and trade press. On the CD is a press release template that you can complete. You can then send this to your local newspapers and trade magazines who will be keen to help you promote your Kitemark quality status.

Give your product the advantage

Putting the Kitemark logo on your product packaging will help it stand out from others on the shelf. Over three quarters of the UK population state that seeing the Kitemark helps them choose between products. Why miss such an opportunity? You can also put the Kitemark logo on your product wherever possible. Depending on your product this may be more complicated but the Kitemark Customer Service team will be happy to help.

If you are already doing all this you are ahead of the game!