Management Systems (High Level Structure)

Ensure the compliance, effectiveness and maintenance of your management systems in line with the new HLS requirements.

Organizations around the world recognize the value of using management systems (MS) to control business risk and contribute value.

Utilizing the new unifying and agreed high level structure (HLS),  BSI has developed a comprehensive one-day, non-residential course, that explores the principles and requirements of the HLS, and its benefits to organizations. 

through a balance of formal classroom tutorial, activities, and open forum discussions, delegates will gain awareness of the high level structure, identical core text and common terms and core definitions (for use in Management System Standards); This course is particularly valuable for individuals involved in the planning, implementing, or maintaining of a new MS.

The number of organizations establishing ISO management systems is increasing. Good organizations recognize the benefits of management systems; great organizations effectively implement them. A management system poorly implemented and maintained, without ensuring compliance to requirements can cost you time, money and customers. That’s why it’s important to get it right from the start. Our training courses will help you improve; Leadership, Compliance and Effectiveness, Organizational Context (Risks and Controls), and your ability to prepare for an Audit.

Training courses

Management System: Organization’s Context, Risks and Controls

USD 1145

1 day training course

    An important tool for an organization to achieve its business aims is implementing an ISO management system. For an organization to realize the intended outcome of a management system it has to tailor the requirements to the their context. Then establish & implement the necessary controls in order to achieve the objectives.

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