ISO 22000 Revision Update: The final draft standard has been published

28th February 2018

The Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) of ISO 22000 is now available. This is the final stage in the revision journey. Buy a copy so you can start your transition journey by identifying what you need to do to get your food safety management system (FSMS) aligned with the 2018 version.

ISO 22000 food safety is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

A key benefit of the revised standard is that it includes Annex SL which means it follows a high level structure (HLS) which aligns your food safety management system with other ISO management systems your organization has in place.

New key areas included in the standard are:

  • Increased involvement and commitment of top management in the development, implementation and communication of the new food safety policy
  • The development and scope of the FSMS will take internal and external issues as well as the needs and expectations of interested parties into consideration
  • The identification of potential issues must take a risk-based approach in addition to the use of HACCP principles
  • A stronger focus on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and clearer definition of critical control points (CCPs), operational perquisite programmes (OPRPs) and prerequisite programmes (PRPs)