BSI - an essential partner for enterprise

BSI has refreshed its identity to reflect its increasing international presence as a partner for business growth.

Throughout 2012, BSI will be evolving its branding worldwide, modernizing its identity and placing ‘making excellence a habit’ at the heart of the organization.   
 “Refreshing our branding is a natural evolution of our business,” comments Howard Kerr, Chief

Executive of BSI. “The rapid expansion of our organization caused us to carefully consider the common thread that makes BSI attractive to clients worldwide. Extensive global research amongst 10,000 customers, prospects and employees told us that we help embed excellence in organizations day in day out, enabling them to perform better, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth. Consequently, we have adopted ‘making excellence a habit’ as our central message, to succinctly communicate what we stand for, the benefits we bring to our customers and what distinguishes us from our competitors.”

In market conditions such as these, adopting a framework for success is vital. BSI helps organizations of all shapes and sizes across the world embed these frameworks. BSI maintains more than 30,000 standards, develops over 2,000 standards every year and is author of some of the most widely used standards worldwide. With 64,000 clients in 147 countries, it has the essential expertise that enterprise requires for growth. 
Despite businesses increasingly looking to BSI for support, there remains a misconception that the tools they offer, including standards and management processes, are limited to large organizations alone. Commenting on this, Kerr says, “Nothing could be further than the truth. BSI provides solutions for businesses of every size and the means to tackle the challenges they face. SMEs in particular are increasingly turning to us to facilitate their expansion and accelerate their growth. Irrespective of their size, every business can benefit from operating within a proven and robust framework.”  Customer research underpins these claims, with 75% of customers who adopted ISO 9001 citing improved levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty and a further 44% achieving cost savings*. 

As BSI looks to the future, it will continue to cement its reputation as an organization with the ability to distil knowledge and harness the insight that is critical to innovation. “The world today is full of information, but not very much knowledge, ”says Scott Steedman, BSI’s Director of Standards, “We’re looking to integrate standardization earlier in the cycle…standards are the fundamental architecture that supports organizations to realize their ambitions.” 
BSI’s new identity is therefore a timely evolution for the organization; not only is BSI an essential partner for enterprise by supporting performance, reducing risk and facilitating sustainable growth, but also in helping businesses understand how they can achieve their true potential.