Quality matters in Kenya

BSI has recently completed an audit in Kenya, leading to the award of Africa’s first ISO 9001:2008 certification to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

KEBS sought the certification from BSI as part of the Kenya Vision 2030 which aims to enable the country to meet long term economic transformation goals. Within the Vision, the Kenyan Government believes that standards and conformity assessment will help to win export trade and protect Kenyan consumers though embedding quality in the country’s products.

To this end, KEBS is charged with regulating product certification schemes which ensure that the health and safety of Kenyans, as well as the environment, are protected.

Importance of standards

A high profile certificate presentation ceremony was held in Nairobi on 20 March, attended by the Hon Henry Kosgey, Kenya’s Minister for Industrialization. The Minister commented: “We are aware that countries that flourish both on economic and social fronts are those where the citizens are aware of the importance of standards and the local stakeholders implement them. Standards and conformity assessment systems are benchmarks for sustainable development which therefore form the foundation for the realization of the Kenya Vision 2030."

Omar Rashid, Sales and Marketing Manager of BSI Middle East and Africa presented the certificate on behalf of BSI. Omar told those present: “We believe that we have helped raised the standards of regulation and market development in the region, establishing Kenya among the elite countries to have this certification in Africa. It will ensure the improved quality of services provided to your citizens.”

Pivotal role

Omar added: “Standards and best practice are fundamental to an ever more demanding society like Kenya, whose citizens both aspire and inspire those around them to do their best to ensure quality, not just in their work place but throughout their everyday life. In this region, ISO 9001 can play a pivotal role in embedding quality, safety, reliability and efficiency in the delivery of better quality products. This is important both for internal consumption and export opportunities. BSI is very pleased to have been approached by KEBS to do this work.

Picture above: In the media spotlight BSI’s Omar Rashid presents Africa’s first ISO 9001:2008 certification to Kenya’s Minister for Industrialization, the Hon Henry Kosgey (right of picture)