Future of mobility

Future of mobility

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The mobility revolution

Driven by a convergence of social trends and technological advances, a mobility revolution is underway, giving rise to a completely new automotive ecosystem and a range of new entrants to the sector. The new automotive supply chain places the consumer at its heart and links in ever more strongly with new technology providers and road infrastructure.


Why BSI?

  • Sector expertise: we have a rich automotive heritage, are UK market leaders in IATF 16949 certification and have directly employed sector-experienced teams who receive ongoing training, meaning that we offer our clients a first-class service
  • Future-looking: we are shaping and developing future automotive standards in emerging technologies such as vehicle cyber security, connected and autonomous vehicles and electric vehicle charging points, helping you future-proof your business
  • Innovation: we are helping the sector drive innovation through our cross-functional expertise
  • Global reach: we have 84,000 clients operating in 193 countries and 90 offices in 31 countries, meaning we can consistently support clients in their international operations and global expansion plans

How we’ve helped mobility clients

  • “ISO 27001 isn’t just about passing a test; you need to apply the learnings to your day job. Certification to ISO 27001 has given Vix the framework to establish a culture of accountability, generate internal discussion and drive continuous improvement.”