The BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Asset Management

The BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Asset Management

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The BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Asset Management
The BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Asset Management
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BSI Kitemark for BIM Asset Management

The BIM Asset Management Kitemark is the benchmark in best practice asset management using BIM processes. It provides assurance that asset managers and facilities managers have integrated BIM into their asset management processes and confirms that Asset Information is accurate and up-to-date.

It helps you to: 

  • Ensure there is a 'full service history' for future buyers and potentially improve asset value
  • Protect asset owners by giving confidence in asset data
  • Improve maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance through the use of BIM processes
  • Manage risks to downtime or safety by enabling predictive maintenance
  • Increase transparency of Facilities Management through greater asset intelligence and insight

What are the benefits of BIM Asset Management Kitemark?

Customer satisfaction - by giving asset owners peace of mind and confirming that their asset has been effectively maintained, operates effectively, is safe and meets legal compliance (e.g. building regulations).

Win more business – opportunity to win more FM contracts through independent certification and proven performance.

Reduced operating costs – through more efficient service scheduling as a result of the automated transfer of accurate information at asset handover and during transfer of operation from one service provider to another.

Operational resilience – by embedding BIM processes and improving collaboration with suppliers to deliver more efficient ways of working.

Risk reduction and clarity of compliance – through preventative maintenance and better awareness of the operational and maintenance needs of assets.

Proven business credentials – by embracing new technology and adopting BIM as the future of best practice asset management.

What do our clients think of the BIM Asset Management Kitemark?


Listen to Navil Shetty and Neil Thompson of Atkins talk about their experience in gaining the BIM Asset Management Kitemark, how they found the process and why they felt it was important for their organization. 

Assessment standard

The assessment standard is ISO 19650-3:2020, Information management using building information modelling. Operational phase of the assets

ISO 19650-3:2020 sets out the requirements for information management using building information modelling (BIM) during the operational phase of an assets life.

Download your copy of ISO 19650-3:2020 from the BSI Shop.

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