Combined service packages

Your own tailored set of services

At BSI we provide a full spectrum of services to help organisations perform better and achieve greater success. We’re a one-stop solution capable of jump-starting your efforts to raise standards, improve return on investment and drive operational performance across your business.

We don’t just train you to meet a standard, we help create the standards in the first place and we understand them inside out. We’ll not only carry out the audits and assessments you need – we’ll also offer you market-leading software to help you maintain quality and manage risk right across your business. This is a comprehensive, market-leading portfolio of services based on huge experience and expertise.

But we understand that different businesses have different needs, so we won’t force you to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, nor do we offer you an unrelated array of fragmented services. Instead we’ll create your own specially tailored solution, a fully integrated mix of training, assessment, certification and management software to gain the most benefit from compliance to standards.

This integrated solution will not only be more cost-effective, it will save you time and internal resources. You’ll benefit from:

  • an all-in-one solution from a single organisation
  • a single central way to manage multiple services and meet a range of goals more efficiently
  • greater control over performance, productivity, regulatory compliance and consistent quality
  • partnership with a global leader, offering the strength and global reach of a pioneering organisation.

From training courses to robust, comprehensive assessment services, and from certification to software tools that drive business performance, BSI can help you take your performance to new levels by using the resources you already possess far more effectively.

We will package assessment, certification, standards, training and software. The resulting solution will help you:

  • improve the quality of your processes and products
  • increase your speed to market
  • drive down your costs
  • foster continuous improvement across your business – this is not a one-off solution
  • manage your risks in a variety of areas
  • protect your brand through enhanced internal controls and processes.