Associate Laboratory Programme (ALP)

The Associate Laboratory Programme consists of a network of some of the best test laboratories around the world who have been rigorously audited by BSI to ensure that they meet the highest standards possible. Our Associate Laboratory Programme (ALP) is a partnership which enables our clients to benefit from our partners’ excellence in product testing in addition to BSI’s expertise and experience in product certification.

Our ALP members share the same commitment to excellence as BSI and through our ALP network we can support you throughout the product testing and certification journey, helping to bring robust and compliant products to market.

Once a laboratory has successfully passed the criteria specified by BSI, they will need to pass an annual inspection to maintain their status as an ALP member. All ALP members are issued with individually numbered certificates issued by BSI, which are different and separate to our Assurance Mark. In addition members receive an ALP plaque which can be displayed at their premises. Members of the programme will also be able to use the prestigious new BSI ALP member logo on their website, in their publicity and collateral.  

When BSI works on a project with an ALP partner, testing will be conducted at the ALP member’s site whilst the certification process will continue to be conducted by BSI.